Just a brief update

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Just a brief update

Post by crofty48 on Fri Sep 15 2017, 16:57

I spoke with Bernie and Anne Holmes last night, they are now back home, and Anne is sporting a 'broken left wrist', and no prizes for guessing which handed she is? left of course, and not to be left out, Bernie has been having issues with his shoulder, not sure if it's a strain, or something more, however he assured me that it's not troubling him too much. Not sure about Anne, may find out more Saturday?

I also talked to Sue Westfield today, Sue had an operation on her broken wrist earlier in the week, and as far as is known, all is going well, looking forward to a splint and some therapy, and hopefully, back to normal soon.

I left messages for Snake and Tina, but have so far not heard back, so just hope all is well!

Regards Mick.

 Late arrival, just got a message from Tina, she is giving herself a bit of R&R and OK at this time! Lovely.

And Fonz has come back to earth, had the "moon boot" removed today, good stuff, Fonz.


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