Must be time for an Update!

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Post by Firefly_au on Thu Feb 08 2018, 20:57

Now that I have settled in at home I can and do make a fairly decent brew of Java. So visitors need not bring coffee as I can provide good fresh ground coffee to Ulysses wayfarers. Next week will be fairly busy with medical appointments so it may still a good idea to drop me a line so that I can ensure that I am home for your visit.

Cheers Nigel.

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Must be time for an Update!

Post by crofty48 on Thu Feb 08 2018, 20:02

Being as how I have had contact with both of our 'sickies' today, I am pleased to say that Nigel called this afternoon and has assured me he is definitely up for visitors, or calls! Still having a bit of trouble moving about, however, he has apparently mastered those necessary calls of nature, and whilst not being able yet to tie his shoes, is feeling much better! Visitors are Welcome (bring your own, and his coffee!) Home is 59 Blandford Cres. Bayswater Nth.
Mob. 0423 269 448, give him a call, or call in, boring being stuck at home unable to get out and see your mates.

Phil Snelling spent his first day "Home Alone" yesterday, I called in just to make him get up and answer the door,(not really), he too assured me he was doing ok, and he had a 'Physio' person with him today when I called in after lunch. He still has a long road ahead (spare a thought for Sue), but was moving from wheelchair to walker and to a "you beaut" electric reclining chair seemingly OK, hell of a way to get a bit of attention, anyway, same deal as Nigel, if you have a moment, give him a call and break the monotony. 0427 499 996. Incidently, Phil also likes "Flat White" coffee should you have time to call on him, or if Sue is home, she makes a mean cup of tea!
Regards Mick.


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