Just a brief update!

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Just a brief update!

Post by crofty48 on Fri Dec 01 2017, 12:41

I have this morning been in touch with Maroondah Hospital, in regards Marcus (moose) Hauesler, and Don Middleton.
Unfortunately, Marcus is currently in I.C.U, condition is serious, but stable, further information is being given to family members only, not a good scenario!

Don Middleton, on the other hand is still undergoing tests as it's unsure what the problem is, at least one of our members has visited with Don, and I spoke on the phone to him this morning, he had 4 litres of fluid drained from his lungs, but still feels very 'second hand' at the moment, said he will most likely remain in hospital until Tuesday, at least.  At this time he feels 5 minute visits are more than enough.

Phil Snelling, as reported, is at Vic Rehab, I also spoke with him on the phone this morning, in lieu of going out in the rain.
He sounded quite cheerful despite his injuries, and had his daughter visiting him at that time, so I left them to it.

I also spoke to Peter Cotton who assures me all is going well after his hip replacement, has a bit of pain and the medications he is taking make him drowsy, so was on his second nap for the day

Just heard from Martin to say Annemarie will see the surgeon on Tuesday, and if all is good, she will "fly" back home on Wednesday!!

Regards Mick.


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