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Homer's good Friday Appeal

Post by eduard_kuppens on Sat Apr 15 2017, 14:06

cheers Well the day started off quiet, At 9:45 am, with thanks to Brin Cottle starting to set up, an by the time that was done the other riders arrived.There was Mick Crofts,Ed Morris, Geoff Greenhalgh, and my self, unfortunately just the 4 riders by 10:am it started an thank to Brin an off course our old mate the Font arrived as well, between Brin and the Fonz we would have had a hard time putting on the Kids, A big thanks an i mean Big thank to ED. Mick.an Geoff for the hard work that they put into taken these kids on rides' i must also say thank you to Deniess, an I'm sorry if i spelt the name wrong, the day went very well, we had not time for a break till about 1:20 pm after our break it started again, we had no time to stop because by the time we got back there wear kids waiting to get on, affraid All i can say to all that helped an that is the two other men from Chirnside park country club that took all the money Big thank you for your help without you i could not have done it ,thanks Guys Embarassed cheers ( HOMER )

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Post by JOHN ECKHART (FONZE) on Fri Apr 14 2017, 21:20

Excellent day at the Chirnside Park fund raising day for the Childrens Hospital
Full report to follow... to be submitted by Mick.

Extra Special thanks to Homer (Eduard) for an extraordinary effort under considerable pain and discomfort. 
He really is an example of the Ulysses community minded spirit towards helping others.

Here are some pics of the day.

cheers .. FONZ



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