HOMERS Good Friday Ride

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Re: HOMERS Good Friday Ride

Post by JOHN ECKHART (FONZE) on Fri Apr 14 2017, 21:37

Great report Mick.

Refer to RIDE REPORTS .. for pics of the day.

cheers .. FONZ

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HOMERS Good Friday Ride

Post by crofty48 on Fri Apr 14 2017, 21:33

I set off this morning in fairly ordinary weather, for Homers Good Friday ride, which was being hosted by our old monthly dinner spot, Chirnside Park Country Club.  With the weather in mind I thought I would be home about lunch time not having done much!
Nothing of the sort, the Greenhalgh's, Ed Morris, Brin Cottle, Fonz and myself and of course Homer, who despite feeling secondhand with back pain was set up with a table of helmets and jackets and was co-ordinating a route with Geoff to enthrall our passengers.  What they came up with was a $5, 15km ride leaving Chirnside through the winding back streets and on to Maroondah Hwy then left into Victoria Road, 70-80kph ride to Coldstream West Rd and a bit of a blast along Coldstream Rd to return along Edwards Rd to the Golf Club, pretty good value and certainly raised funds for the Good Friday Appeal.

I took my first pillion (we had a bike convoy of riders) just before 10am, we had a queue waiting upon our return, our feet barely touched the ground then until 1pm, where upon we all had a short break.  Brin and Fonz served as the "men on the ground" getting our pillions helmeted and into jackets. Homer was impressive in not only getting things in order on the ground, but taking riders as well, reminded me of his efforts at Sandown with the Vision Impaired Day.

After our brief but welcome lunch break it was back into it until just on 3pm, they even wanted rides in the couple of showers we encountered. We all put a lot of K's on the road today, I clicked over 200km as I came into our driveway, tired but feeling good about our clubs contribution to the day.  We were approached by one of the organisers just prior to leaving for the day and she was most effusive in her thanks for our help, I will be astounded if we are not invited back next year.  I'm not sure how much was raised but hopefully Chirnside will let us know.

Brilliantly conducted Homer as always, and thanks to all who contributed to a really worthwhile day out!

Regards Mick


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