mid weeks Homer's Birthday ride

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Re: mid weeks Homer's Birthday ride

Post by Snake1250 on Mon Apr 10 2017, 20:15

Happy to oblige Homer it was a great day led by Fonz ...............snake

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Homers Birthday Ride

Post by crofty48 on Wed Apr 05 2017, 19:28

We had a record turnout at Kilsyth Club lunch today for Homer, 19 attenendees, I couldn't make it for the ride, but enjoyed lunch with fellow Ullysians to celebrate Homers 70th, what a beautiful day for a ride and very pleasant company to share lunch.
Not too sure, but I think Guy took home a 'doggy bag', must be trying to make it up to "Rags" for eating his dinner the other night!
Happy Birthday, Homer. Regards Mick.


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mid weeks Homer's Birthday ride

Post by eduard_kuppens on Wed Apr 05 2017, 16:56

Mid week ride for Homer's Birthday. kindly organised by Fonz ,there was quite a few riders at the brunch cafe ,please forgive me if i don't mention your name but here goes there was Snake ,font ,lyn ,jude mark ,leafy Dave an a few others there we all meant to yelling bow via Lilydale an op on to seville ,launching place an on to yelling bow for morning teaLyn was a little upset because she didn't get to finish her coffee, but hey thats life What a Face the weather was so good an sunny we all went through the hills down towards Kilsyth club for some Lunch an to my surprise What a Face cheers there were a few more cheers Ulyesses fellas there, an how nice was that yo see them all to celebrate my Birthday ,I thank every one for coming to my Birthday thank you all, an thank you Snake for my morning tea much appriseated, an thank Fonz for the ride well done Mate alien pirat tongue silent

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