MOOSE' Funeral---Ride On, moose.

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MOOSE' Funeral---Ride On, moose.

Post by crofty48 on Fri Jan 12 2018, 14:37

Moose' funeral saw a very good turnout of Ulysses members, Geoff Greenhaugh and a "blues music" friend did a very nice eulogy, commemorating Moose' many varied interests and hobbies, despite the rainy weather, quite a few bikes turned up, and Geoff led the hearse to Lillydale cemetery, Archie on his Can-Am, and Peter Ross controlled the traffic on Victoria rd, while I held them up at the roundabout at Beresford rd.

All arrived at the burial site, and after a brief ceremony Moose was committed to Ride On, while the casket was lowered to Tina revving her bike in the background. All were welcome to return home with Lorna, however, owing to other commitments, I had to return home.

 No doubt we will remember Moose at the next Fernshaw ride.
   Regards Mick.


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