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Post by crofty48 on Mon Dec 18 2017, 12:13

Unfortunately, I have just been informed by Marcus' wife Lorna, that Marcus has only hours, maybe a few days at best to live.
He is now out of the 'induced coma' only for his doctors to realize that there is little more they can do for him, because most of his organs are failing, a transplant is out of the question, however, I am assured he is not in pain and his doctors have told Lorna to expect he will pass peacefully! Further to the families woes, Marcus' mother passed away last Saturday, fulfilling a wish not to outlive her son, sad time indeed.

As I am still away and on a borrowed computer, I will follow up on our other sickies' upon my return to Melbourne, and will inform of any further information as it comes to hand.
Regards Mick.


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