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Post by Hank on Thu Nov 09 2017, 11:12

What a great way to get sunburnt. Nice roads and a great value lunch. Thanks Fonz for the plan, and to our TEC Leafy, as well as the rest of the great company.


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Post by JOHN ECKHART (FONZE) on Wed Nov 08 2017, 20:31

For those members unfortunate enough to have to werk / wurk / werck / work ; I have even forgotten how to spell the word.

This is what you missed out on today .

Ten of our more fortunate guys and gal. met at the Brunch 10 am meeting point, and quickly decided that a ride to Seymour sounded just right.

It was left to the FONZ to show the way via Melba Hwy , Break O Day Rd (naturally) and onto to Yea.  The Ghin Ghin and Highlands Rd took us the back way into Seymour.  The road is places was a bit bumpy , but the twist and turns with magnificent scenery and open farmland, was worth the bumps ( poor old Mick still had dual riding suspension settings - so ended up with a sore bum)

The destination was the Seymour Club - not tried before - but turned out to be extremely good .. "must come back here again" were comments being made by the group.  The venue was very nice and the food equally good with the Seniors two course rissoles and pav. being a favourite.

A quick visit to once again view and appreciate the Vietnam memorial wall to honour the 60,200 people ( and 11 dogs) who fought that war, and a special tribute to the 495 personnel who lost their lives, was a thought provoking experience.

Trip back home was back to Yea and down  the Melba to Yarra Glen

Total distance some 280 k's in magnificent sunshine and lovely day .  Great day, Great ride, Great mates.

Well done and thanks to FONZ  ( oh that's me)


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