'Wednesday ride on Thursday'

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'Wednesday ride on Thursday' Empty Re: 'Wednesday ride on Thursday'

Post by Tinas_Harley on Sat Feb 20 2016, 13:51

Thanks Mick.....and I love the photo.

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'Wednesday ride on Thursday' Empty GIDDY GOAT CAFE

Post by eduard_kuppens on Thu Feb 18 2016, 20:43

what a wonderfull day we all had Great ride with some Great bunch of men ( Well) as you can read the note Mick put up got to Marysville an the patron of the Bakery were very nice pleasant, after our drink we headed to the Giddy got cafe on the way encounter some great roads, we ended at the cafe an had some lunch an as Mick said we were treated to Vanilla slice ( Yum ) The patrons there were so pleasant, that i evan put my order in for Sunday for a Fig Pie, looking forward to Sunday now, Thank "FONZ "for a great day, an of course to the great compony. Cheers ( Homer ) cheers

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'Wednesday ride on Thursday' Empty 'Wednesday ride on Thursday'

Post by crofty48 on Thu Feb 18 2016, 19:39

After a brief delay waiting for the rain to stop, Wednesdays ride finally left Brunch on Thursday about 10-30am!
 Our illustrious Ride Coordinator, Fonze?(says he once had BLACK hair!) wanted to do a recce' ride to the Giddy Goat Cafe in Yarck, so 6 riders (with nothing better to do with the day) left Brunch on a journey of discovery, as somebody had told Fonz of a bike road about 8K's out of Buxton which he didn't know about and needed to try out? (can't believe there are roads he doesn't know of!)
 We made our way thru' Healesville, and on into Marysville for a drinkies break, then on to Buxton and the Whanregaren rd amongst others, and on into Yarck, arriving about 12-30?    I  can't remember much of the 'mystery road', other than a remark of "how good was that", all look the same when riding fast and concentrating on the road.
 We were warmly greeted at Giddy Goat, Fonze having called ahead, and we enjoyed excellent service, not too mention 2 large Vanilla Slices presented to us by management without cost, very nice, thank you!
 Having enjoyed a leasurely lunch, we made our way home on the highway via Yea, and into Yarra Glen where we said our goodbyes, great day out, brilliant weather all day, terrific company, thanks Fonze and fellow riders for your company today, feel sorry for those who could not be there.
 Regards Mick.          P.S - Thinking of you Tina - we know you like to read the ride reports - hope you like it.

'Wednesday ride on Thursday' 20160210


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'Wednesday ride on Thursday' Empty Re: 'Wednesday ride on Thursday'

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