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Post by Scoresby Chris on Wed Oct 05 2016, 16:41

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Post by crofty48 on Sun Oct 02 2016, 19:15

11 riders left Yarra Glen this morning in fair weather (try to forget it was blowing a gale) for Fonzies Kerrisdale Railway ride, stopping at King Lake West for morning tea, almost forgot, change of roles for Ride Leader/ TEC? Sean took the lead with Amanda bringing up the rear!
Then on through Strath Creek via Whittlesea/Yea rd, and into Kerrisdale. I will stop here to mention Toey" who unfortunately came to a great shuddering halt at Strath Creek! it would seem, after everyone for miles around being able to hear his 'New Wireless' the technician who installed it had left a terminal loose which resulted in Toey, Roger, Darren and Amanda waiting for breakdown assistance, (not to mention me corner marking for almost 1/2 an hour, but that is what you do! wait to hear, then move on as instructed) took quite some time for said assistance to arrive, would seem Amanda, you should have led after all, then it would have been Sean waiting around instead! yet again, our members have shown we don't desert our mates, well Sean, Greame Phil, myself and Kev W and 'Pete the Painter' did, but hey' we couldn't all stand around holding Toey's hand (and mouth to stop him crying,it's only a "Harly" after all) so we stalwarts went on and enjoyed the mechanical and other delights that Kerrisdale holds, wonderful and informative couple who own/operate/built this spectacular display also take you through the exhibits, plus a train ride to the top of the property for a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.
After enjoying all Kerrisdale has to offer, we rode into Yea, passing and waving to Toey, Amanda, Darren and Roger as they rode past us in the opposite direction, ultimately met up with Toey and Amanda about an hour later, hope they had a good time?
After a bit of lunch some of us said our good bye's and headed home for a well earned rest.
Great day out with congenial company, would certainly do it again, terrific venue Fonz! Thanks to all who shared the day,
 Regards Mick.


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