Wednesday Ratbags-Snake Route2

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Re: Wednesday Ratbags-Snake Route2

Post by Snake1250 on Wed Apr 20 2016, 20:25

Great ride report Mick week is snake route 2.5 even better low speed twisties to enjoy the full effect of the Autumn wevva with the magnificent views which that affords............lunch at the Piggery PS good to see 2 B Doubles on the ride Gary and Graeme or is it graham and thanks to Scottish Bill for TEC

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Wednesday Ratbags-Snake Route2

Post by crofty48 on Wed Apr 20 2016, 19:18

"Snakes and Ladders", well today's Snake Route 2 was a repeat of last weeks ride turned on it's head, in that we rode the opposite way, no, not with our backs to the handlebars, but in the opposite direction to last week, gives an entirely different perspective to the same countryside!
We enjoyed the company of a few different riders today, I hope they had a good day out, the weather was particularly kind to motorcyclists, we had a rest stop at Emerald Lake, and then made our way back onto reverse Snake Route 2 for a lunch break and home, the only 'glitch' of the day (so far as I'm aware) was when Snake forgot 'which bike' he was supposed to be riding, and duly rode it to our lunch stop! I feel sure all who came on the ride had an enjoyable day, however, I may have to point out to Snake that the only straight road in Melbourne is not that section of Burwood Highway between his place and Brunch Cafe.
Well done again Snake, thanks to the pleasant company on the day, Regards Mick.


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