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The Victorian Club Permit Scheme (September 2019)

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The Victorian Club Permit Scheme (September 2019) Empty The Victorian Club Permit Scheme (September 2019)

Post by Steveg Tue Sep 17 2019, 08:52

The Victorian Club Permit Scheme
The Victorian Club Permit Scheme; colloquially known as Red plates is administered by VicRoads and Victoria Police ensures compliance with the scheme. The Ulysses Club (ulyssescps@gmail.com) administers this scheme (in Victoria), on behalf of Ulysses members to enable the use of older motorcycles as per permit regulations. The Club Permit Scheme applies to motorcycles 25 years of age or older as from the date of manufacture.
The scheme allows members of the club to make limited use of historic vehicles on the road network.
Club Permits are issued for 12 month periods but can only be used for either 90 or 45 days, as requested by the permit applicant. A log book is issued by VicRoads for the permit holder to record details of each driving day. The vehicle can be used for any purpose, except commercial use, on these days.
The fee is $150.40 for 90 days usage per year or $77.80 for 45 days usage, compared with up to $800 for normal registration. You cannot drive your vehicle for any period longer than the permit allows (90 or 45 days). Vehicles are issued with a specific club permit plate and label.
Driving on a club permit:
A Club Permit vehicle may be driven by anyone (including learner permit holders) who hold the applicable licence category for the vehicle, unless legally as a ‘driver under instruction’. For Motorcycles, the E licence condition for LAMS restrictions applies.
Victorian probationary licence holders may drive a vehicle on a Club Permit provided that:
• The vehicle has not been modified to increase the vehicle’s performance (other than a modification made by the manufacturer in the course of the manufacture of the vehicle);
• The probationary licence is applicable to the category of vehicle.
A logbook must be carried on the rider (in the case of motorcycles), at all times the vehicle is in use. On each day of use, a logbook entry must be made PRIOR to the vehicle being used (unless the vehicle is within 100 metres of the garaged address).
When utilising the Club Permit vehicle, the rider must carry proof that they are a current financial member of the club authorised to display the Club Permit Number Plates. i.e. Current Ulysses membership card.
Ensure that the Club Permit number plate(s) and label as issued by VicRoads are correctly displayed on the vehicle at all times.
Used outside the above conditions the vehicle is UNREGISTERED.
Towing a trailer with a club permit:
Vehicles being used on a Club Permit may tow a trailer/caravan, providing it is registered, or operating on its own Club Permit or unregistered vehicle permit. All normal towing limits and restrictions apply (i.e. Towing restrictions for P1 probationary licence holders or motorcycle licence holders within the first three years of holding the licence). VicRoads may suspend or cancel a permit if the permit holder fails to comply with the permit conditions or engages in conduct which threatens public safety or undermines the integrity of the permit scheme.
Club Permit vehicles can be used at any time for any purpose other than for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire or reward. Permit holders are not restricted to club sanctioned activities when using their vehicles. They are subject to the remaining days available on their permit only.
This bit is Really important.!!
VicRoads does not alert the administrator (Ulysses admin of the scheme), (me), of any alterations, such as, address, email address, phone number, or any other changes by the permit holder. These must be notified to the admin (ulyssescps@gmail.com) by the permit holder. Not doing so puts your permit use in jeopardy, as details conflict.
At the moment, according to the database there are approximately 50 permit holders, whose permits have expired, (or whose memberships have expired, which makes the users permit invalid immediately).
I am required to notify VicRoads immediately upon permit holder’s expiry, as this renders permit invalid. This a requirement of the scheme which allows us to use it, not my personal view. Thus, any members who allow this to happen, have to start from the beginning again. This means, new application, RWC etc. (Much easier to stay financial).
If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to email me with them.
Paul Butler. #17758.

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