A Good Samaritan

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re good samaratan

Post by crofty48 on Tue Nov 11 2014, 15:57

As one of the riders on scene, I was totally overwhelmed by Jason's immediate assistance, not too mention his absolute insistence that a complete stranger take his ute, garage the broken trailer till a recovery plan was devised, upon the return of his ute he insisted on bringing the trailer home for us and berated us for filling up his ute with fuel, he reckoned we already had enough problems. What a totally unselfish, thoughtful man. He will certainly get my custom anytime I'm in Yea. Regards Mick


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Re: A Good Samaritan

Post by Henry Rokx on Tue Nov 11 2014, 15:08

It's good to know that there are still some good people in this world, willing to help a stranger in trouble.
(And you couldn't get much stranger than our stranded travellers Laughing Very Happy Laughing )

The help provided to our members was nothing short of spectacular and really helped them out
of a big spot of bother. Embarassed

I think it would be marvellous if we could support the Frostbite Café in Yea when we are passing
through. There'll be plenty to talk about.

Henry Rokx

Henry Rokx

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A Good Samaritan

Post by K2 on Tue Nov 11 2014, 12:36

One of our members found himself stranded in Yea on Sunday with some other Yarra Ranges members after sustaining some damage to a fully loaded trailer. The nature of the damage meant that it could not be towed by his vehicle  Crying or Very sad  Crying or Very sad . Jason from the nearby Frostbite Café came to the rescue  cheers  and loaned his ute to the group so as the trailer contents could be transported to Bernie & Anne’s home in Yarra Glen. He also arranged for the damaged 6 X 4 trailer to be loaded aboard his ute with the help of some local friends and he drove to Croydon South to deliver it back to Pam Roberts’ home. Jason wouldn’t accept anything for his troubles and headed back to Yea.

That sort of support for a group of strangers was magnificent and deserving of our support in turn. So when you travel through Yea, stop for a drink and a feed at Jason’s Frostbite Café at 46 High Street, Yea and tell him we appreciate his help for our members.

K2, the Vicar of Dribbley
(An entirely fictitious alter ego!!)

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