Fencing Contractor?

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Re: Fencing Contractor?

Post by Ron & Liz on Sat Jun 28 2014, 08:46

The days of reliable Tradies has long gone mate! Like the Dodo Bird ater whom many are named they have vanished into the mists of time - if there were ever any!

Occasionally in my work I have need of tradies and I have found working through an Cost Free Agency gets results

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Once you long in what it is you want they will contact you and usually pretty quickly! Worth a try anyway you will be no worse off>

Good Luck

Ron & Liz

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Fencing Contractor?

Post by Henry Rokx on Fri Jun 27 2014, 12:57

Does anyone know a good and reliable fencing contractor. Our daughter in Chelsea
is trying to get some quotes but a lot of the people she contacts don't bother to show
up. Needs a quote fairly soon. If anyone knows someone, please post contact info
here, or call me on 0418 329 617

Henry Rokx

Henry Rokx

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