Phil now home! and a "Get Well card from Guy

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Phil now home! and a "Get Well card from Guy

Post by crofty48 on Tue Aug 08 2017, 17:24

Phil returned home from rehab today, and was being 'fussed over by his daughter, and Ed Morris. We had to raise his bed so Ed drove him to Bunnings to get longer legs (not for Phil, for the bed!), seems to be settling in ok, despite daughter Susan 'mothering him' a bit, and hopefully, now all he has to concern himself with is learning to walk again, on a lighter note, I am committing to print the prose on a get well card sent to him by our Poet Lauriet, Guy West, don't think anybody else could have come up with anything better.
 This is the story of "Conehead Phil"
 The poor old bugger's been really ill!
 His dodgy hip hurt like a bitch,
so he went into Knox to do a switch.
 Got a new hip, but he couldn't leave!
 'Cos he suddenly found he couldn't 'breave.
 We all know Phil is young at heart,
 but the rest of his body is falling apart!
 A lot of frustration, and a lot of pain,
 but you'll soon be back on your feet again!
 So,here's a shout from all your mates,
 the RiffRaff,Rascals and reprobates
 Mate, all of us can't wait 'till when'
 Well done, Guy,  Regards Mick.


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