2017 Alpine Rally

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2017 Alpine Rally Empty Re: 2017 Alpine Rally

Post by Tinas_Harley on Wed Jun 14 2017, 14:54

Great photos, weather looks stunning, cold but stunning.

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2017 Alpine Rally Empty 2017 Alpine Rally

Post by JgC on Tue Jun 13 2017, 12:08

Hi Folks
I attended the 48th Alpine rally at Yarrangobilly over the weekend. Weather was good , plenty of sunshine .A bit cool overnight (-7 c they reckon !) but no issue when you have a good fire and a warm sleeping bag .All kinds of bikes and all kinds of people.
My route to the rally was via Bairnsdale ,  Buchan , the Barry Way , Snowy River Rd , Jindbyne to Yarrangobilly.
The Barry Way was in good condition ,not too many ruts or loose stuff and other than a few horse floats ,no traffic.The Snowy river road was a wet and a little boggy in places but nothing you wouldn't tale a road bike over.The hardest part is to keep your eyes on the road instead the magnificent river views !
The rally was well attended , my guess is around 100-150 people.The usual suspects were there with an assortment of fireworks ,lanterns, stones bombs etc .Heaps of firewood kept us warm at night and then again in the morning .
Here's a few happy snaps
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_5582_zpsrwegqaqj
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_5583_zpsmjvnvobd
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_5568_zpseqodndxa
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_5580_zpscfcw6mmd
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_5561_zpso0elybid
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_5586_zpse4jo5ckn
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_1533_zps3ig0j5jq
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_5585_zpssn3semqo
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_5567_zps3y0ojiqe
2017 Alpine Rally IMG_5573_zpsaavaszit

There is one there of me with the pudding - what I would describe as the holy grail of motorcycling .Look it up when you have time !!

I headed off after the formalities on Sunday morning ( Choice of going for a ride or heading up to the hot springs for a bath ) to visit friends at Wingello past Goulburn and then onto Moss vale and down the Macquarie Pass .Double Demerit weekend !! (All good ,no need for speed here , awesome road !! )
got to Ulladulla on dusk  and did the section to Batemen's Bay in the dark. Just that section alone made the weekend a hoot .With rain threatening I stayed at motel and clubbed it for dinner .
Lazy start to Monday , stopped at Central Tilba for breakfast .And Mallacoota for lunch . And thats a buzz too !! 25kms each way off the highway , lots of twisties !

Made it home by 6 pm


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