Another Fantastic Fonzie Fun Ride---Gembrook Motor Museum

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Re: Another Fantastic Fonzie Fun Ride---Gembrook Motor Museum

Post by Scoresby Chris on Sun Jun 19 2016, 21:29

Facebook shared 19/6/16
Scoresby Chris
Scoresby Chris

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Another Fantastic Fonzie Fun Ride---Gembrook Motor Museum

Post by crofty48 on Sun Jun 19 2016, 15:10

On a cool but dry morning, 14 riders headed off to Gembrook Private Motor Collection, a reasonably slow and stiff Fonz led the ride, with our old favourite TEC being Homer(Aka Ed Kuppens).
The roads were dry, and traffic reasonably light, for a pleasant, if not cool ride through the hills to Gembrook, I thought Gembrook was closer, we left Brunch just after 10-00am and only managed to park in Gembrook almost on lunch time,funny how time fly's when you're having fun!
Entry at $2.50 was merely a donation, and some very unique vehicles are housed there, a brass bodied '27 Studebaker Limousine (thought to be the only 1 left world wide) weighing some 3 tonnes, and only ever fitted with 'rear brakes', would have been a nice job stopping that at pretty much any speed' was just one of the vehicles on display.
Although only a small affair, it was well worth the visit, sort of place most of us would motor past without even seeing, I think Fonz just prowls the night looking for these things? keep it up Fonz!
Most of us had a bite to eat at the Bakery just up the road, and a chat before calling it a day, very cheap day out in pleasant company, thanks for 'sussing it out' Fonz. Regards Mick


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