Wednesdays Ride to Whittlesea 19-6-2019

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Wednesdays Ride to Whittlesea 19-6-2019 Empty Wednesdays Ride to Whittlesea 19-6-2019

Post by John Ashley on Wed Jun 19 2019, 16:49

Hi all, at 9am this morning I didn't think we would have many starters as I listened to the the rain falling on the roof however when I got to Brunch there they were with coffees in hand. The weather looked intimidating but apart from a few showers and only 20m visibility [clouds] coming back through Kinglake it wasn't a bad day. I would recommend the Royal Mail hotel in Whittlesea, the food/service was good and very reasonable with the prices.
We have all done these roads before but they never disappoint and better to be riding than not. Many thanks to Steve for his TEC duties and to all the other riders thanks for your company. John.

John Ashley

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