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Post by crofty48 on Sun May 27 2018, 15:25

Amazing how the best laid plans go awry, 1st Chris Collins dodging Ride Leader with "sorry Fonz", I've dropped a water tank on my thumb and can't come! well, we've all heard that one before, at least try to come up with something unique, Chris!
So, Fonz' stepped into the breach and assumed Ride Leader duties, and as he was announcing our planned route, he was informed one of the roads he had chosen was now 'Under Repair', so, plan C was put into place, which was, I'll make it up as we go, that way no one will know if it goes wrong!
Fortunately the ride went brilliantly, some 33 bikes, some with pillions aboard (myself included) and 1 CanAm set out from Brunch at about 11am, first reappointment was June getting the flick as T.E.C, as Phil on the CanAm took up that duty, made sense as Phil just can't overtake the same as the bikes, so he brought-up the tail.
Absolutely great weather for a ride, Fonz navigating us through some lovely winding roads out of Coldstream, back roads through the hills, and winding our way to Healesville and our lunch waiting for us at Maroondah Dam. How lucky are we all that we seem to always have members willing to " prepare food, and man the BBQ" so us riders just roll in and get fed!! A huge thanks to our cooks and all who contribute to making our "Meet&Greet" worthy of not being missed. We had a raffle, 1 of the "prizes" being a Pumpkin!!! Liz won that so enjoy a couple of weeks of pumpkin soup, Ron.
All in all, the day went off quite well, and I feel sure all who attended had a great time, again, thanks to those who couldn't ride because they selflessly arrived early to see to the feeding of the many! Great Ride on short notice, Fonz.
Regards Mick.


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