Steph in hospital

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Re: Steph in hospital

Post by rastas on Sun Mar 22 2015, 00:19

Thank you for the update Mick, We are wishing the best for Steph.

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Steph in hospital

Post by crofty48 on Sat Mar 21 2015, 12:36

I was informed this morning that Steven (Steph) Tasker had been admitted to Box Hill Hospital, however, on contacting the hospital,they have assured me he is currently having lunch, and will be discharged after lunch and returning home.I spoke to him on his mobile and he has asked not to be contacted as he has to rest, and back for more tests etc on monday, he assures me he will contact us when he is up to it, and is feeling ok at this time, just waiting for meds and off home with his sister. Regards Mick.


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