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It has come to the attention of the Committee that there is a small Stock Take Shortage in the Quartermasters stock and we are missing 1 Large Ulysses Patch.

Given our aging membership it is considered most likely that a Member has picked it up at the precise moment he/she had an episode of Alzheimers and has walked away forgetting he/she had to pay for it!

Members are reminded that the Quartermasters stock is purchased by the Club using Members money received from our Raffles and fund raising activities and the small profit we earn from sales goes back into the Club to fund activities for the benefit of Members.

The Committee is asking all Members to search their restored memory aided and abetted by their Conscience's and if indeed you have "purchased" a Patch in recent times that you have suddenly remembered is not paid for that you make surreptitious contact with the QM or any Committee Member and correct the innocent mistake. Confidentiality is of course assured.

It would be most disappointing and VERY much against the Ulysses Club ethos if it was found that this was something other than an honest mistake.

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