Desal Plant Ride.

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Re: Desal Plant Ride.

Post by bikechickadee on Thu Feb 05 2015, 20:25


Thanks for the desal plant ride and tour. Very enjoyable interesting to see where our water $$ are going (or not?!).
Lots of riders on this one and good to meet up again with Angela from Two Bays branch and hear of her recovery and rehab  from her big accident.
I got to sit on a Harley Nightrod special, very nice!!!!!!!! now somebody please give me those Powerball numbers!!! bounce Razz

Sorry to hear of your accident Dave.
Dave hope you are on the mend very soon, sorry about your bike at least you might be able to get a newbie??

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Re: Desal Plant Ride.

Post by mr suzuki on Wed Feb 04 2015, 14:31

Hi Dave sorry to hear about your off glad you are on the mend

mr suzuki

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Re: Desal Plant Ride.

Post by Placid on Tue Feb 03 2015, 22:55

Well, I'm pleased to report that Dave is now home, a bit sore but in very good spirits.
He will bring his new (well not any more) helmet along for viewing.
All riders that use open face helmets need to look at this helmet and shudder.

Anyway, it was a great day.
Thanks everyone that came along and made it that.
Thanks Eduard for exceptional TEC duties.

And thanks Brin for the company.


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Thanks Tony and Eduard for a great day!

Post by ghost_rider on Tue Feb 03 2015, 22:17

Thanks to placid and Homer!! Wonderful company and a great ride. We all hope Dave is okay. I got to photograph "the big board in the war room!" Some pics!...                        

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Re: Desal Plant Ride.

Post by bruce j on Tue Feb 03 2015, 20:34

I just heard about Dave's off Sad . Apparently Tony and Carol are on their way to pick him up so it sounds like there are no serious injuries. Thanks Ed for filling me in. I hear the bike MAY be a write-off (they tend to write them off if there is 60% of price damage) so the bonus is Dave might have a bike shopping trip or two afterwards.

Good job on taking care of a situation none of us want to happen but does from time to time, and getting the rest to the De Sal!

bruce j

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Re: Desal Plant Ride.

Post by Derek Smyth on Tue Feb 03 2015, 19:22

Yes, it was a very enjoyable ride. Unfortunate about Dave's off, but good to know he is ok.
For a first go at leading, Tony you did a great job. Thanks also to Eduard for TEC duties.
What's next?
Derek Smyth

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Desal Plant Ride.

Post by Firefly_au on Tue Feb 03 2015, 18:54

A big thanks to Tony and Eduard for a lovely day out and organizing the tour of the plant.
I enjoyed the Ride and the great company. Smile The weather was good not too hot or cold, and no rain or strong wind.

The only downside is we did have one off on the ride, caused by loose gravel on bitumen in a corner about 2klm from the plant.

My mate Dave riding in front of me hit the loose gravel and lost traction in the corner then crashed.
I called the ambulance and Dave was taken by ambulance to the Wonthaggi hospital with what seemed to be minor injuries but badly shaken up.
His bike was no longer fit to ride so our TEC arranged for the Tow truck to take it to the depot until Dave's insurance decide what to do with it. Tony called Dave's wife to let her know that Dave seemed ok, but may have to take a trip to Wonthaggi in the ambulance just to be certain.

The last news I have heard is that Dave is ok, but remains under observation in Wonthaggi hospital.

IMO Both Tony and Eduard handled this emergency as Ride Leader and TEC, like champions. Well done!

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Re: Desal Plant Ride.

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