Inverloch ride

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Inverloch ride

Post by bikechickadee on Mon Feb 02 2015, 13:30

Big thanks to Sue and Bruce Jones for organising the Inverloch ride.

Kevin and I had a great time and my Shadow loved those big sweeping corners with seaside views coming into Cape Patterson absolutely magic.    Razz

Great to see such a variety of bikes on the ride and I think everyone let the bikes have their head a little bit.
My bike showed 250kms for the day but I reckon those going from FTG would have been close to the 300km mark.
With only about 10 mins of heavy rain around Koo Wee rup after lunch we were fairly lucky weather wise.
Lunch at the Inverloch hotel was very good too.

Those hills around Loch are great for some cornering practise too and not many cars clogging them.
Well done also to Ron and Liz for the TEC duties!

Cheers from Sheri and Kevin W.

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