Proposed Calendar for 2016

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Proposed Calendar for 2016

Post by bruce j on Thu Dec 18 2014, 09:47

We put out a Yarra Ranges Branch, Ulysses' calendar a few years ago.  The catch was nearly all the photos were taken by me, which in light of how many great photographers we have in the Branch, is kind of sad.

We intend to put out a Branch calendar again in 2016 cheers   bounce   Very Happy

To do a GREAT calendar, we need photos though from November, December 2014 and January - October 2015 sourced from the various runs and activities we do as a Branch.  What we hope to end up with will have pics of many of the members and their bikes as let's be honest, if you're going to give them as Chrissy gifts to your family and friends, you want at least one or more with you in the frame.

I am not writing in 'legalese' but any photos donated for use in the calendar will be done so with the understanding you are releasing the photo for publication specifically by the Branch in the calendar and maybe the Grapevine without charge (we intend to put a footnote in the calendar of who the photographer is for due acknowledgement).  Please also note that we may not have room to publish all photos submitted and the photos that best fit the criteria of covering events throughout the 12-month period where as many Branch members and/or their bikes are included, will take precedence.  In other words, the submitted photo may be a really good photo.  But if others fit the criteria better, the really good photo may not be included.  

What I'm hoping is to encourage members to use their cameras not only on rides and other occasions, but also at Brunches and social nights; or basically any time we get together.  Then submit them to the 'Grapevine' editor (some pics may go in there during the year) in preferably high resolution .jpg format.  We will review submitted photos and make the calendars available in November 2015 in time for use as gifts, etc.

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