A Thankyou

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Re: A Thankyou

Post by Henry Rokx on Mon Dec 08 2014, 20:24

We'd better see you! You can't just disappear. And of course we will have to visit you.

Henry Rokx

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A Thankyou

Post by Joffa Boy on Fri Dec 05 2014, 02:59

Hi Dear Members.
i would like to extend my thank you to all Yarra Ranges members for their support over the last few years that I have been a committee member, due to our preparation for our sea change early in the new year plus I have gone back to school (never to late to learn) as I am changing careers and of course preparing our current house for sale I felt it would be inappropriate for me to nominate for a committee position for 2015.

i have enjoyed my time on the committee and thank the current and past committee members, I hope my contributions over the past 3 years have assisted in moving the branch forward.

both Karen and I will still be around over the next few months and will see you at brunch etc.

again, thankyou.

Geoff Norman

Joffa Boy

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