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Harrietville ride

Post by Firefly_au on Tue Oct 07 2014, 09:00

A big thanks to Jack and Homer for organizing the ride.

I had a great time! the weather was perfect the ride was interesting and the company fantastic. I would also like to say our hosts Neene and Ed were wonderful. The Alpine river environment and place we were staying was outstanding. I now want to go back with Kezz and my sons etc. This ride is now on my don't miss list for next year.

There was one other minor incident on the way home with Eric's bike having the driving lights come lose near Yea but a short stop and some electrical tape sorted that out and we managed to all get home safely. It goes to show though, things can go wrong and it is nice to ride with others that try to keep an eye out for each other! It doesn't always work as intended due to traffic issues - but it is much better than being left alone.


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Post by bruce j on Mon Oct 06 2014, 20:04

Great to hear how good it was. Feel for Bryn and Phil.

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Post by ladyrider on Mon Oct 06 2014, 12:28

So good to hear your all ok and had a great time Smile
Loved our trip away with Rex & Jack
And other great lads 2 years ago Wink

(Yes, Rex passed a year ago Sad Hugs Pam xx )

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Post by Henry Rokx on Mon Oct 06 2014, 09:51

Sounds like it was a good weekend other that a couple of minor casualties.
Good to see Yarra Ranges riders living up to their reputation.

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Post by crofty48 on Mon Oct 06 2014, 09:28

The ride to Harrietville left Yarra Glen in slightly damp conditions, then improved all the way to weather you can only hope for. Many thanks to Jack for organising/leading the ride and too Homer for bringing up the rear, I think there were 16 riders in all and I'm sure we all had a great time, despite Brin being off colour 'till sunday (trying to lose weight, I suspect) only to be outdone by Phil who tore his leg open to get attention, then had our host Ed driving to Wangarratta 'till early hours of the morning and coming back stitched-up like a football. I think our hosts Ed and Neene are slowly being converted to motorcycling after being pillioned into Bright courtesy of Jack and Toey, I know they both really enjoyed the experience, and Neene was in tears at our departure yesterday. The weekend away was a great ride to a lovely destination with very pleasant company. Regards Mick.


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