Griffith Ride 17-20 October 2014

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Griffith Weekend

Post by Geepez on Tue Oct 21 2014, 09:31

My thanks also to Henri and Co for yet another great weekend in Griffith, the extra day was a winner. All of the attractions were enjoyable as was the company. Lots of nice people, good times and great meals. Once again the old Geepez made it up and back without a hiccup.Old Japanese quality, you can't beat it!!
A big thanks to a special friend who made it all so much more enjoyable.

Merv xox

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Re: Griffith Ride 17-20 October 2014

Post by bruce j on Mon Oct 20 2014, 19:13

Thanks Henry and Marj for putting together yet another great Ride to Griffith (not to mention the welcome MIA Branch gave us). I hadn't been to the zoo before and that was a special experience, and very impressive how much Gino, his family and staff have done in 10 years. Another highlight was Allan's crooning (as well as a visit from the Vicar) on Sunday night. The highlights don't stop there and I can't really think of any low-lights. Also thanks to Bob and Kathy for TEC'ing.

bruce j

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Griffith Ride 17-20 October 2014

Post by Henry Rokx on Tue Sep 02 2014, 15:09

Just a reminder for those coming to Griffith, if you have not already paid, I will need the money
for the wildlife park and BBQ/Pioneer Village before the end of September. I have to confirm
numbers for all events and get money ready to pay the relevant invoices.

If there is anyone else that would like to come, please let me know ASAP and get your room/s
booked in Griffith.

Henry Rokx
0418 329 617

Henry Rokx

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Re: Griffith Ride 17-20 October 2014

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