Tips for proposing Official Branch Rides.

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Tips for proposing Official Branch Rides.

Post by Firefly_au on Sun Jul 20 2014, 19:38

Hi all,

Please note - these tips are not specifically intended for "impromptu rides". At any time, any member may post an "impromptu ride"  in the "general notices", so my only suggestion to those members is that they should try to organize the ride with due regard for the personal safety of all involved.

These guideline tips are for anyone who would like to lead an official ride for the YR Branch.

There are different types of official Branch rides.

1. Casual day rides (0-250km)
2. Long day rides (250-400km)
3. Weekend or multi-day rides (400->800km)
4. Rides to Rallies, AGMs, or other Major Events.

With these four categories of branch rides, the amount of forethought and planning required increases as we go down the list. Casual day rides are the easiest to organize and lead. Generally the longer the ride the more planning it will require to be successful. Things such as fuel, food, and toilet stops become more important. For the multi-day rides there is also accommodation and distance planning to consider as well as any special events you expect to include.

For all Official Branch Rides the main aim is for all riders to arrive home safely without incident while having enjoyed the ride! However it is important to note - all riders remain ultimately responsible for their own safety and must always ride within the capabilities of themselves and their motorcycles for any road conditions. All riders must also personally comply with any laws that may be relevant or become personally liable for any penalties that may they may incur for any breaches.

Once you have decided to lead a ride, to have the ride advertised on our web site and classified as an official Yarra ranges branch ride - It is necessary to send your ride details by email to the YR Ride Coordinator. (Use the link near the poster ID icon. Please remember to include your name, your return email address, and preferred contact details, in the email text.)

Please include a short description of the ride so that our members know what you have in mind. Try to include details of anything that might make your ride more attractive to our members. If you have any preferred photo associated with your destination, the Ride Coordinator will try to post it on the website to help advertise your ride. Please state any special instructions to riders, like - "full tank please" etc. and include the date, time, starting point and the contact details for you and your TEC. (if not yet known - (TBA) to be advised - is usually acceptable.) That's all that is usually required to post a ride.

So I will now make a few suggestions for the actual ride -

When you come to the ride it is usually a good idea for both you and your TEC to know the intended route well. It may be necessary to test ride or to drive of the route together, to work out where you might safely leave "corner markers" and to check for any unforeseen risks. It is essential to ensure all participants know how to "corner mark" safely, if instructed by the ride leader to do so and if any riders are wearing HiVis vests (Usually beginners once the new road laws come in)  they should ride near the TEC to avoid corner marking confusion that may cause corner markers to leave the corner prematurely and cause other riders to get lost! If you ensure that everyone knows where each leg of the ride is going then if they do get lost they can rejoin your group at the destination.

The Ride Coordinator can provide the ride kits, which contain the log sheets, HiVis Ulysses vests, and first-aid kits etc. These will be provided on request to ride leaders or the TEC for branch rides and the TEC should carry the ride log sheets and first aid kit on their motorcycle where it may be found if needed in a timely fashion! Also it would also be a good idea for the Ride leader and TEC to program each others mobile numbers into their mobile phones just in case an incident occurs.

I hope this POST is of assistance to prospective Ride leaders and TECs. If you would like to organize a ride I would be more than happy to assist you and your TEC to do it well.

Firefly (Nigel)
Ride Co-ordinator 2014.

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