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Rally Survey

Post by bruce j on Fri Apr 25 2014, 13:07

We only want to put work in to planning events that our members want.  There are some things we can guess about but we are more likely to make good decisions if we are aware of what our members think.  That’s you if you are part of Yarra Ranges Branch.
Please take a few minutes to read through and answer the following questions about your preferences.  
-Bruce Jones

Okay, here goes:
1. Are you interested in attending a Yarra Ranges Annual Rally?  Please tick your answer:

o Yes

o No

If you answered, “No,” thanks and you don’t need to answer further.  
If you answered, “Yes,” please number the options under each question from ‘1’, which is for what you first prefer, down to what you might do but least prefer.
Please put an ‘X’ against options you will not personally consider.

2. How far would you prefer to travel?

o ½ hour to an hour

o 1 hour to 2 hours

o Right away from Melbourne; say 250-400kms

3. Regarding accommodation, what would you prefer?

o Non-powered site

o Powered site for tent, camper-trailer or caravan

o Cabin accommodation, as in a caravan park

o A pub or Backpacker hostel

o An economical motel

o Hang the expense, bring on the Resort!

4. Regarding food, would you prefer:

o Self-catering for all meals

o Group meals of low cost (Barbie or similar)

o A Saturday night dinner as a focus of the weekend

o A combination of the above like the current approach

5. What type of activities would you prefer (besides drinking and eating)?

o A group ride

o Involvement in local community activities

o Bike related activities such as a Show ‘n’ Shine and/or ‘slow speed race’

o Sports

o Sedentary group activity (e.g. cards, movie)

6. Assuming we have a Saturday night focus, what form would you like it to take?

o Dance, with DJ

o Dance, with live music

o Live music

o Other

7. We’re open to consider any suggestions you may have that might have general appeal:

There you go; that wasn’t too painful!

Please hand, or send a scanned copy, to the Secretary (Sue Jones) at your earliest convenience.

bruce j

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