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Generator purchase

Post by bruce j on Sun Mar 16 2014, 15:24

We have found boiling the urn on the gas for a large group has taken a lot of time.  For example, the urn at the Memorial ride started off about a 1/4 full, if that, as soon as we turned up at Fernshaw Reserve, and once it was hot, more water was added slowly, including after people were getting their drinks.  We looked at getting a suitable generator to run an electric urn but the retail price of ca. $450 was a lot for the few occasions we need to serve hot drinks for a large number.  We looked in to hiring a generator and that was ca. $80/hire through Kennards.  We then heard of a generator available through a member of Shearwaters branch that was still in the box and was for sale for $200.  The commitee then made the decision to buy it and it will be used at Mt Franklin on the 23rd.  Initial testing has all been positive (thanks Nige).
We previously asked Geelong branch how many we can expect for the Mt Franklin Meet 'n' Greet and were advised about 150 or 100 if it rains.  Based on the minimum figure, the profit from the generator's first outing will pay the $200.
We will still use the gas heated urn that we have previously used but the generator will give us a 2nd source and so double the volume available as well as give us a 2nd method in case there are difficulties with either one.

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