Tyabb Air show - March 9th

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Tyabb Air show - March 9th

Post by ol smokey on Sat Feb 15 2014, 17:14

This looks like a beauty, I'll be there.

From their website:  
"The Tyabb Air Show is a biennial event operated by the Peninsula Aero Club.  The entire event is staged by the club members, all of whom are volunteers.  The Club is generously supported by various local service organisations and a number of sponsors.
It is with the greatest pleasure that the theme chosen for the 2014 Air Show is, "A Salute to Veterans".  Where would we be if not for the efforts and sacrifices of all those who have given so much for the country we call home.
The Air Show will present a pageant of aircraft, from  the earliest designs, followed by  those from the inter-war years, some from the second world war followed by types from the Korean war era, the Vietnam war period and into the modern age.
In staging the 2014 Tyabb Air Show we are supported by military re-enactment groups which will add atmosphere to the show, thrill us with their battle routines and serve as a reminder of the struggles that our countrymen underwent to safeguard Australia."

Loads more information on times, entry, parking etc  http://www.tyabbairshow.com
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