Farm Inspection

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Farm Inspection

Post by Henry Rokx on Thu Nov 14 2013, 19:50

An inspector from the Department of Primary Industry arrives at a farm
and promptly walks up to the farmer who is busy at his barn, raking up some hay.

He tells the farmer he is from DPI and is going to do an inspection around the farm
to assess the condition and productivity of the property.

The farmer keeps raking and tells the DPI man "That's OK. Just don't go into that paddock"
pointing to the rear of the property. The DPI man promptly pulls out his identity card and tells
the farmer that this card allows him to go wherever he likes.

The farmer shrugs his shoulders and continues on with his work. The DPI man promptly
disappears and heads straight for the back paddock.

A few minutes later, the farmer hears loud shrieks coming from the paddock. He goes to the fence
and there is the DPI inspector running as fast as he can shrieking in fear with a massive bull
chasing him and the bull is slowly catching up. The DPI man screams at the farmer to get the
bull away from him, and the farmer yells back "SHOW HIM YOUR IDENTITY CARD - THAT SHOULD

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