Twin Spurs Rally and Mt Macedon Memorial Ride

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Post by SED1 on Tue Nov 12 2013, 09:03

If you ever get sick of him, send him our way Kev. I think YR Ulysses should adopt him.
He was even "disgraceful" enough to mention taking the beemer home dirty.

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Thanks from the Whites

Post by K2 on Mon Nov 11 2013, 15:50

Andrew asked me to post the following:

"I just wanted to send a quick note to express my deepest thanks to all the members of the Yarra Ranges Ulysses club who took part in the memorial event on Sunday. From the moment I rocked up at the Brunch Café in the morning (thanks Pete for the personal escort), until I peeled off in Croydon to head home late arvo, I was really looked after and made to feel like I was member of the club. What a fantastic group of people, who all spoke to fondly of Mum it brought a tear to my eye on many occasions. Thank you all again. Very Happy  

Andrew White

Thanks to everyone for looking after Andrew in my absence - it meant a lot to me and him.

K2, the Vicar of Dribbley
(An entirely fictitious alter ego!!)

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Post by SED1 on Mon Nov 11 2013, 08:20

Great weekend Great Company... Nuff Said

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twin spurs weekend

Post by bikechickadee on Sun Nov 10 2013, 21:31

Hi all
Kev and I would like to echo what Henry has said. big thanks to all the committee and food preppers and helpers and the cooks.
The food was great and so was our dinner at the hotel.
We also loved the dodgem cars at the Alex show and petting the rabbits there.
I don't know how long the Twin Spurs has been going for but it looks like its a well oiled operation.
A big thanks also to Mick C for kindly hauling my luggage back to Melb so I didn't have to worry about it at the memorial service.
Good job winning the jacket Mick I think we need to start calling you and Phil the lucky guys!!
Well done to all involved with thre Twin Spurs it was a credit to you all.
Thanks from Sheri and Kevin

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Re: Twin Spurs Rally and Mt Macedon Memorial Ride

Post by Henry Rokx on Sun Nov 10 2013, 18:11

Another great Twin Spurs weekend. Thanks to Bruce for his comments. Whatever work
goes into setting up this weekend is worth every minute. The people who really make the weekend
are the ones that help with the preparation, cooking, cleaning up and all the other little things that
make it all happen.
Using the BBQ facilities and having our communal Friday dinner and the two breakfasts allows
all the attendees to sit together, have a drink, have a chat and get to know each other. This year
we again had our visitors from Griffith (who have vowed to come back next year) plus visitors from
Two Bays and Melbourne Branches. The weekend is all about fun and friendship and we achieved
that once again. Thanks to Pam for her hard work preparing the food, Liz for looking after the
finances, all the chefs helping with the BBQ including Bob, Bruce, Sue, Ron, Steve and other
helpers. And of course we have to thank all those that ate that mountain of food.
To mirror Bruce's comments, thanks again to Bikemart for their continuing sponsorship by
providing the major raffle prize of a jacket.
Very Happy 
The ride to Mt Macedon was perfect and the service a bit emotional after our losses this year.
But we will continue to ride on and honour the memory of lost friends.
Very Happy 
I also wish to thank my fellow committee members for the support given for the event
and the physical help on the weekend.

It was a full and busy weekend and I for one will be happy to have a rest tonight.

Henry Rokx Smile 

Henry Rokx

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Re: Twin Spurs Rally and Mt Macedon Memorial Ride

Post by crofty48 on Sun Nov 10 2013, 17:31

Twin Spurs was a brilliant w'end away despite going in the car, and poor weather, I know Ed couldn't have ridden and Phill and I didn't want to get wet, but what a great w'end as a newish' member on first away with YRU, got to know a lot of members a whole lot better, and then topped it off with Liz insisting I take the winning ticket (actually I asked her for it) really shows the outgoing nature of YRU. I'm looking forward to Harrietville, and your Pres. Poker Run, still can't believe there's not a waiting list to join this great bunch of people. Regards and many thanks, Mick Crofts


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Twin Spurs Rally and Mt Macedon Memorial Ride

Post by bruce j on Sun Nov 10 2013, 16:17

I think everyone who participated greatly appreciated those who made both these events happen this w/d.  Pam, your food prep was VERY much appreciated.  Henry, you took the bulk of the Rally preparation and we appreciate all you did.  Steve D., your ride was very high grin factor (nice of the rain to stay at Alexandra).  Nick, you made Saturday night rock - our table was playing guess the musos.  Bob, thanks for again getting us to Mt Macedon in a timely manner.  Pete, thanks for bringing Andrew White up with you to represent the White family as K2 was in Qld with the other end of the family.

We really appreciated the ongoing and generous donation of the bike jacket by Bikemart and congratulations to Mick Croft cheers!  Bikemart have been constant supporters of YR Ulysses through thick and thin.

Congratulations also to Nick Tandy for winning the popular vote for the Show 'n' Shine.  For the record, Nick's family didn't vote and I know a couple of our members kicked in votes towards his bike without coercion, and he won convincingly.  Thanks to the Alexandra Show Committee for donating the trophy.  We had been previously assured they would supply a Judge's trophy as well but when it came the day, no 2nd trophy or judges to judge the bikes emerged.  Oh well Shocked .

Finally, thanks to all who stepped up and helped with the meals and preparations.  That kind of thing makes me proud to be part of YR Ulysses.

bruce j

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Re: Twin Spurs Rally and Mt Macedon Memorial Ride

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