Ride to Phillip Island with Colin Boyle

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Post by SED1 on Tue Oct 29 2013, 16:54

Thanks Colin. This was my first time on this ride, and I only went part of the way. I was blown away by the number of bikes, and more so, by the thousands of spectators watching the bikes all along the South Gippie Highway. Obviously we are better supported by the general population than by our Canberra knobs

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Ride to Phillip Island with Colin Boyle

Post by Rod P on Fri Oct 25 2013, 19:30

Colin, thanks for the amazing ride to Phillip Island...and for me, onto the MotoGP!
Wow, Crazy Cranbourne...it was amazing...thousands and thousands of bikes in the one place and the ride from there was a "keep your wits about you with high concentration levels" due the number of riders, plus a few (only a few) crazies in the group.
The two days at the event were terrific with the sounds of angry wasps screaming past in each practice, qualifying and actual races.
Very impressed with the track and the many viewing areas available around the track.
Absolutely amazed with the 16 year old Spanish girl (the only girl entrant) who rode and was right up there amongst the leading times.
Fantastic weekend, great ride down, great races, good venue, good food, excellent beer...and NO rain...bewdiful!
Colpire la valvola a farfalla LORENZO!!!
Thanks again Colin.
Cheers, Rod Park
Rod P

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