city link tolls

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Re: city link tolls

Post by ladyrider on Fri Oct 18 2013, 06:41

Just add your bike/s to your current Etag account
We done it years ago when account started,no stress riding any Toll road's in Victoria rendeer

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city link tolls

Post by The Sniper on Wed Oct 16 2013, 15:20

HI Guys I just got this message from east link , not good news  I think, another slug for us riders

Motorcycle tolling starts 1 January 2014
CityLink will begin tolling motorcycles from 1 January 2014.

If you have a motorcycle and wish to continue to travel on CityLink after 1 January, you have several options:

You can simply add your motorcycle registration to your current CityLink account.
You can set up a new CityLink account if you expect to be a regular user of the toll road.
You are automatically covered for travel on CityLink if your motorcycle is already registered on an EastLink account.
You can purchase a casual user product such as a CityLink Pass for CityLink only or a Melbourne Pass for both CityLink and EastLink.
Motorcyclists do not have to carry an e-TAG. CityLink will use video technology for tolling purposes and will not charge any image processing fees.

For more information on the introduction of motorcycling tolling, you can read CityLink's media release.

If you wish to add a motorcycle to your existing account, open a new account or simply find out more information about motorcycle tolling, you can visit our registration page now.

The Sniper

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