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As some of you know Kevin has a bit of a reputation for being late, taking the wrong turn etc etc.
Last sat night before the B24 liberator ride Mr S was in a bad mood and jumped in his car which was in the garage and hit the accelerator only problem was the garage door was closed!!
Result huge dent in garage door and ripped off its tracks (the car was ok due to towbar hit the door) however next morning car and more. importantly his motorbike trapped in garage stuck. I rode over to Kev's on Sunday morning to try and get the door up so the motorbike could come out for the ride. No way was that door coming up.
So Mr Suzuki another tale of woe and a $300 bill to fix that garage door your Reputation? ?!! is intact!!
PS The garage door will finally be repaired on Monday. Evil or Very Mad Rolling Eyes

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