Badger Creek Free BBQ 19/05/2013

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Re: Badger Creek Free BBQ 19/05/2013

Post by ghost_rider on Sun May 19 2013, 20:37

What a great event. Special thanks to Rex, Pam and the super cooks!

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Post by bikechickadee on Sun May 19 2013, 19:54

Many thanks to Pam, Rex and other cooks and helpers.
I would have ridden however my dirt road is seriously slippery and muddy and i didnt want to risk myself and the beloved shadow coming to grief.

Was great to see so many members and their partners enjoying the food and Ulyssian company.
I think the local birdlife enjoyed the BBQ just as much as we did!!
Thanks to the organisers!! cheers
Sheri and Kev (mr suzuki). afro

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Re: Badger Creek Free BBQ 19/05/2013

Post by Henry Rokx on Sun May 19 2013, 18:50

What a great day at Badgers Creek. Being able to draw so many members together, old and new, shows
the benefit and value of the BBQ trailer. The weather did not look too appealing early but quite a few braved
the elements and rode up. There was no rain and it wasn't really that cold but there was plenty of hot food
to ward of any chills. And we had some extra entertaiment provided by the local bird population.
Many thanks to Rex and Pam once again for all the hard work putting the trailer and all the food together.

Henry and Marjorie

Henry Rokx

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Re: Badger Creek Free BBQ 19/05/2013

Post by bruce j on Sun May 19 2013, 17:12

Well done all involved in making the Badgers Creek Meet 'n' Greet a top time. Steve D tells me there were 31 bikes in the ride out and certainly plenty there on arrival as well as turning up later. Considering how cool it was and rain went there earlier, that's not so shabby. We estimate 80 gathered and most importantly, there were a lot of members who have been around the Branch a bit were making the effort to get to know those who are more recent to the Branch.
Full congratulations to Rex and Pam, with their team of able bodied assistants on the barbie, etc; for doing a top job! cheers

bruce j

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Re: Badger Creek Free BBQ 19/05/2013

Post by Peter R on Wed May 15 2013, 16:31

Sorry, I would love to attend, alas I have a prior engagement.. Crying or Very sad and AL... yeah I keep bumping into him all over the place, even at Brunch Café of late...
Peter R

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Re: Badger Creek Free BBQ 19/05/2013

Post by Placid on Mon May 13 2013, 19:23

Quite a few of us have had dealings with him.
Very Happy

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Re: Badger Creek Free BBQ 19/05/2013

Post by georgie m on Mon May 13 2013, 17:48

I've never met this person called Al Zheimers. Is he new.

georgie m

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Badgers Creek

Post by Captainslow on Mon May 13 2013, 16:58

Joan and I will be coming to the BBQ.


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Badger Creek Free BBQ 19/05/2013

Post by SED1 on Sun May 12 2013, 17:11

*********Free BBQ*********

Don't forget the Badger Creek Meet and Greet next Sunday 19th May. This is an excellent chance to get to know the many new members the club now has. Details are on the ride Calendar..Please wear nametags if possible to help the new members out (and the old ones like me with alzheimers as well).

kind regards Steve (Ride Coordinator)

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