Ian McCulloch, the publican...

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Ian McCulloch, the publican...

Post by Gerd on Wed Mar 27 2013, 22:04

During a short stay on the Murray last weekend (yes, in the middle of, but not affected by, THAT tornado) Pam and I also got to Rutherglen (to get hold of that very excellent Durif we found when Bob took a group of us on a winery tour a couple of years ago). There we were able to visit Ian who, as many of you know, took over the lease of the Rutherglen Hotel (Poachers Paradise) last month.
Ian, the 'new management', seems to be part of the local business and drinking scene there already - conducting fine hospitality to the local community, without drinking on the job (!). To us he looked 'right', and he is enjoying his new enterprise immensely.
We wish him all the best, and will look him up again next time we're in the area; and I hope many others from our branch will go and say 'hello' when they're in the vicinity.
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