Downside to Harrietville Ride

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Re: Downside to Harrietville Ride

Post by Henry Rokx on Sat Mar 23 2013, 19:21

I have to agree with Rex and Pam's comment. Going on rides is not compulsory
and participants have the right to pull out if they have to. However, when there
is accommodation booked, it is imperative that anyone pulling out of a ride makes
the effort to A) let the ride leader know as soon as possible, and B) that an effort
is made to cancel any booked accommodation also as soon as possible.

Remember, if the ride leader has booked accommodation on your behalf, the ride
leader becomes responsible and could be held liable for the cost of the room/s.
And motels are quite within their rights to charge for rooms cancelled less than 24 hrs
before the booking date. Ulysses members are generally have a good reputation for
sticking to their bookings, but if people just "don't turn up" without cancelling, the
reputation of the Ulysses Club will suffer and we may lose discounted rates or worse,
we could end up with members' bookings not being accepted without paying up front.
We all have reasons for pulling out of a ride at some time or other. But remeber as
Ulysses Club members we are representing the whole club and have an obligation to
behave accordingly.
Henry Rokx
(Past Ride Coordinator / Past President)

Henry Rokx

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Downside to Harrietville Ride

Post by Pammo on Thu Mar 21 2013, 10:52

As previously mentioned, this ride was a great success due to all the hard work put in by Jack. However, there was a downside--two members failed to turn up! This not only caused the ride to leave late from Yarra Glen, but their accommodation had been booked at Harrietville, and it was embarrasing for Jack to explain to the owners that two people had backed out without notice!

Cheers, Pam.

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