Ride Leaders Wanted

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Re: Ride Leaders Wanted

Post by bruce j on Mon Mar 18 2013, 18:34

With an invitation like that, what can one say but, "Book me in Steve!" cheers

Personally I love preparing a ride and then when you do it and you're the one at the front that sees the lyrebirds that others miss, and take a good set of corners at your speed, there's a lot to be said for being at the pointy end. Cool

We'll be up Jindabyne this w/d and one thing I'll be doing is checking out the accom for a possible ride later this year.

bruce j

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Ride Leaders Wanted

Post by SED1 on Mon Mar 18 2013, 13:40

As your ride coordinator I am waiting to help you step up to lead a ride (or Another ride). Just remember that not everyone has been down that favourite stretch of road that you love (wherever it may be).....for some/many it will be a totally new experience to be talked about for weeks after.
I am happy to step outside of the square and gazette rides which are not on the weekends, specialty rides for our intrepid dirt riders, 2,3,4,5 day rides, learner rides etc. We are a fairly diverse club and there will generally be others wanting to join anyone who does lead any type of ride.
Feel free to contact me via the Committee contacts page ride coordinator email address or mobile phone for an guaranteed obligation free chat about what you are considering doing.
If you think it is great riding in the middle of a large group, wait until you are at the front with the large group following...it's a great buzz (and you don't have to corner mark for a change).
Please consider...from your Ride Coordinator Steve Dolling

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