Fonz's Winter Car Rally---As it was!

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Fonz's Winter Car Rally---As it was! Empty Fonz's Winter Car Rally---As it was!

Post by crofty48 on Mon Jul 16 2018, 19:04

Just in case of a spurious version, no doubt blown out of all proportion by our resident scribe 'Guy West', Fonz and I thought it may be just as well to tell our "own side" of the Winter Car Rally.
All went well with the early start at Kilsyth Club with a total of 13 teams (43 people including helpers), we sent our first team onto the road at about 9:30 and then 10 minute intervals 'till we had cleared our room at Kilsyth Club, and as Guy is want to say "what could possibly go wrong" with Fonz & Crofty running things!
We should take offence at that, however, we forgot to appraise our intrepid excurtionists of the Secret Letter for which they were to gather a few items to help determine the best teams, so, plan C was invoked, we rang them all and told them to pick their own letter?
Among the tasks set to conquer was a clever photo with "9" different animals superimposed over each other! Can you believe some contestants found 21!!!  Fonz wanted some of their medicine, but none was offered.
All in all, a fun time was had by all involved, and at great expense, we managed to get SNAKE to take over control of proceedings and dole out prizes.
 1st prize.. Gold Pass for 2 @ Knox went to Tony (placid) and Carol Garner (Tony also was quickest with trivia)
 2nd prize..$50 dollar voucher @ 1st Class MotorCycles went to Pam and K2.
 3rd prize.. Meal voucher for 2 @ Kilsyth Club went to (related to Fonz!) Karen, Jim,and Brooke.
Last but not least..Brekky for 2 @ Brunch Cafe went to Steve Mattison.
 On Fonz's behalf many thanks to all who donated prizes, with special thanks to ED (Homer) lot of running around and general helper in most parts of making it all work.. Ed Morris and Brin Cottle for manning our morning tea destination, couldn't have run as smooth without all their help, again many thanks.
 Regards Mick.


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