Tassie trip 2013...

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Tassie trip 2013...

Post by Placid on Sat Mar 02 2013, 09:54

On Feb 12th, 5 Yarra Ranges Ulyssians met at the Brunch to ride in to the Spirit of Tasmania. Fast Eddie (with his donuts) and Kelvin were there to see us off. There was Fonzie, Macca, Brin, Steve and myself. We left Brunch at 1630 and picked Ferri up along the way. We were lined up and ready to board at 1730.

After boarding, we had dinner and a bit of a look around the boat. A couple of drinks, watched the late movie and then off to the rack. An uneventful trip across Bass Strait.

Wed 13th Feb
We left the boat at 0700 on Wed morning and had breakfast near the dock. We headed down through Exeter and up to Beaconsfield to check out the mine site.

From Beaconsfield, back down and over Batman bridge and up to George Town. Had a good look around here. Three lighthouses and a semaphore system were used in the olden days to guide the boats down to Launceston. Then we fuelled the bikes, had morning tea and headed across through Bridport and down to Scottsdale for lunch at the Cottage Bakery (beautiful pies and pasties here).
From there, we rode down to the “Pub in the paddock”.

After sampling their wares, we continued along the same road to visit the St Columba falls. Signposted as a 10 minute walk, which was probably right as it was steep downhill all the way in. The falls were claimed to be the highest falls in Tasmania with a drop of 90 metres.

The uphill walk back out was probably a 25 minute walk, but we all survived it.
Back past the Pub in the Paddock and on to our first nights stop at St Helens. Large spacious rooms within 20 metres of the water in the bay. Walked up to the town centre and had Chinese take-away for dinner.

Back to the motel, watched a bit of cricket and had an early night.
We had done 325 Ks and a lot of sight-seeing on our first day.

Thurs 14th Feb
On Thursday morning, we had breakfast at the local bakery. Talked to a group of Victory riders who had totalled 2 of their bikes on the island on their first day. After breakfast, we rode out to the Bay of Fires for a look. Then on to Binalong Bay. This place had the nicest stretch of beach you would ever see.

On the way back in to town, we stopped at an oyster farm and 4 of the boys downed 2 dozen oysters. I thought it rather funny that they were all oystered up on Valentines Day and had nowhere to go.

From there, we went back through St Helens and on to St Marys for morning tea. Then decided to do the loop around and come up Elephant Pass. It was a bit wet and slippery, so care was needed. Stopped at the Pancake Barn only for photos as it wasn’t long since we had morning tea.

We had been advised that the Lake Leake road was a must-do. So, ahead we went through Fingal and Avoca and down to Campbell Town. While “shooting” a church here, John went A over T when he backed into a stump in the ground. He didn’t realize that the shutter clicked as he was going over. He found the shot that night while going through the day’s photos. We laughed as much at the photo as we did when he went down. That photo is posted under “Pictures of My Travels” section. At Campbell Town we had a late lunch-afternoon tea.

Then on to the Lake Leake road back toward Swansea. A few of the guys reckoned that this was the best road we travelled while over there. Luckily, no speed cameras on the road… well, not that we know of yet. A couple of the guys are still watching the mail.
On to our unit to tidy up before walking up to the local RSL for dinner and a couple of drinks. Back home for hot drinks and into bed about 10ish. There were 4 guys in bunks in one small room and there was a racket still going on half an hour later.
It was another good day and we had covered just on 300 Ks for the day.

Fri 15th Feb
John and I went for a walk along the beach to grab a couple of photos of the sunrise early.

Then left at 7.30, fuelled up in Swansea and on to Porkys in Bicheno for breakfast.

Checked out a blowhole in Bicheno before heading out of town toward Coles Bay. Called at a small airfield that was conducting flights over Wineglass Bay. Rob and John decided to take a flight over the area, so we left them there and headed down to Coles Bay. We, the other 4, then did the walk up to the Wineglass Bay lookout. Very hard on the knees both going up and down. But the view was excellent and probably worth the effort.

Lunch at the Coles Bay bakery where we met up again with Rob and John. Ever onwards, we headed toward Hobart, fuelling up at Triabunna on the way. We went via Richmond as Brin was keen to catch up with an old flame at the bakery. From there down to Glenorchy where we were staying for the next 3 nights. It was a huge house with bedding for over a dozen people. Steve and I did a tucker run into Glenorchy for drinks and fish ‘n chips for dinner. We had a social night at home after covering 280 Ks for the day.

Sat 16th Feb
Left at 9 a m and went into Hobart and down to the Salamanca market. About 300 stalls here, but our guys appeared more interested in a display of older and vintage cars.

Headed up to Richmond again to try to meet Brin’s honey-pot at the bakery for lunch. She didn’t turn up, he missed out again, but no-one missed out on the curried scallop pies for lunch.

After lunch, we went back down to Glenorchy and went on a shopping trip to buy supplies for a BBQ dinner. Sausages, hamburgers, eggs, satay sticks, salad, onion, bread etc.. Thought we’d check out Joe’s Garage in Hobart after dinner. After a great dinner, we mounted up and headed into Hobart. Parked the bikes and went to find Joe’s Garage. Ferri had taken his boots off and changed into sandals. At Joe’s, we found we could park right outside the door. So, back to the bikes and bring them down to park outside the door. The locals were checking us out as we arrived. They reckoned Ferri was a “tough prick” for riding in sandals. They didn’t know that he had only ridden around the corner.
What a great place Joe’s Garage was. We all classed it as one of the highlights of the trip. It has a web site www.joesgarage.com.au I have a small video taken inside the building.

Left just on dark and rode over the Tasman bridge and beyond for about 10 Ks. Then back into Hobart over the bridge and home to Glenorchy at about 10 p m. A hot drink, a bad movie and then bed. A total of 173 Ks for the day.

Sun 17th Feb
Up at 6.30, had home cooked bacon and eggs off the barby for breakfast. Left at 8.00 to go down to the Tahune airwalk. Down through Hobart and stopped for a look and a photo shoot at the historic shot tower.

Then down to Kettering and across to Cygnet for morning tea. The road from Kettering to Cygnet was excellent. It was purpose built about 15 years ago for the Targa rally and had suitable twists and turns. Pressing on, we went down through Huonville to Franklin. There we had a conducted tour of the government sponsored wooden boat building yards. Interesting. One of our guys went through a wrong door whilst there. No names.

Then down through Port Huon to Geeveston, where we had lunch and purchased our tickets for the airwalk. Then 30 Ks up through the forest to the airwalk.

After the airwalk and the swinging bridges, we headed back to Glenorchy for a BBQ dinner. Total of 240 Ks for the day.

Mon 18th Feb
Left Glenorchy at 7.30 and rode up through Hamilton to Ouse, where we fuelled both the bikes and our stomachs at the roadhouse. Beautiful morning for riding. Pressed on to Derwent Bridge and stopped to visit “The Wall”. This was definitely another highlight of the trip. Unfortunately, cameras weren’t allowed inside. There were walls of wood carvings that depicted the history of Tasmania. This exhibition was nothing short of sensational.
This fellow outside wasn’t about to take off.

On then to Nelson Falls for a quick photo shoot.

Continued on to Queenstown for lunch and fuel. Then on to Strachan, where we would spend 2 nights. Had dinner at a small café near the holiday park. Ferri supplied some entertainment for the night (ask to see the video) and we bedded down early after doing 317 Ks for the day.

Tuesday 19th Feb

Left the cabins at 7.00, went over to the café for breakfast and then sauntered downtown to catch the Gordon River Cruise. This left at 9.00 and what a treat it was. It was a great boat with a fantastic crew. This boat actually set a world record last year when it towed 145 water skiers all at the same time. It’s powered by a couple of big V8s.

We cruised Macquarie Harbor and called into Sarah Island for a guided tour of the old prison ruins. The guides really knew their job and even involved some of the passengers in their tales.

Back to the boat for lunch. They had 220 people on board and lunch ran like clockwork. Plenty there for everyone to have seconds. We then cruised 14 K up the Gordon River and called in at a small landing to walk and inspect some Huon Pine trees growing in a protected area. Then cruised back to Strachan at 26 knots. Of course we all had turns at “captaining” the boat.

Back at Strachan at 3.00 p m and watched a brief sawmilling demo. Then a casual walk back to our cabins for some beverages. After dinner, we had visitors arrive for a drink. They were part of a group down from Woolongong on their bikes. We had bumped into them a couple of times. Their trip was very similar to ours. To bed that night without having started the bikes at all that day.

Wed 20th Feb
Up early and left Strachan at 7.45 Stopped at Zeehan for fuel. Had to fill using credit cards at an automatic servo because the servos weren’t manned until 9.00 Had a look at a dam on our way to the Cradle Mountain lookout, where we stopped for photos.

Pressing on again, we went to Sheffield where we had lunch (at the bakery, of course). We had clocked up 240 Ks before lunch, so relaxed after lunch and checked out some of the many murals which the town is famous for.

Later, a casual ride down to the Mole Creek pub for a drink and a look around.

Then on to Deloraine for our last night on the island. Dinner at the motel before an early night to prepare for another 300 K ride tomorrow before boarding the boat tomorrow evening.
Covered 294 Ks for the day.

Thurs 21st Feb
We left Deloraine at 7.00 and called into a lovely place called Penguin for breakfast.

A further 20 Ks up the road and we come to a police roadblock. It cost us a half hour wait before they let the traffic through. We aren’t real sure what it was about. Still, we ploughed on to Stanley and firstly went to The Nut. We all went up on the chairlift. What a great place for scenery (ask to see the video, if you dare).

We had lunch in Stanley and then headed back toward Devonport and the boat. Windy as buggary by this time. Stopped for a break and fuel in Ulverstone. Then on to Devonport and headed the queue waiting to board the Spirit. Another 300 K day, today. Boarded OK and had another uneventful trip back across the Strait.

Fri 22nd Feb
Left the boat in Melbourne at 6.45 and rode as a group out to the yellow arches at Wantirna. Arrived there at 7.30 and had breakfast. We all agreed it was a great trip and one we’d all like to do again. Said our goodbyes and headed off to our own homes.


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Re: Tassie trip 2013...

Post by bruce j on Sat Mar 02 2013, 17:26

Great report Placid. Although we went to some of the places you went and seeing your pics made me want to go again, there are others I thought I'd definitely add to the agenda next time.

bruce j

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Re: Tassie trip 2013...

Post by Henry Rokx on Sun Mar 03 2013, 17:30

Great report. Brings back memories. Like Bruce, makes me want to go again.
Smile Smile Smile

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Re: Tassie trip 2013...

Post by toneli on Tue Mar 05 2013, 20:23

Very much enjoyed reading your ride report ... great pics to go with it.

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Re: Tassie trip 2013...

Post by Peter R on Sat Mar 09 2013, 18:35

Loved the report & pix Placid, great work. Made me wish i had gone along too, next year for sure!
Peter R

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Re: Tassie trip 2013...

Post by Ron & Det on Thu Apr 25 2013, 16:28

nice one tony
i enjoyed the read
thx for sharing
Ron & Det

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Re: Tassie trip 2013...

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