Poker Run - Thanks To Members

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Big thx

Post by Ron & Det on Mon Feb 25 2013, 16:15

We would like to thank all of those that were involved in the poker run event,

Great ride, great food, and very nice peeps as usual,

Ron & Det

Ron & Det

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Re: Poker Run - Thanks To Members

Post by Ron & Liz on Sun Feb 24 2013, 20:50

Peter was the 100th member to Register with our new web site and now winner of the Poker Run!
Who says we don't welcome our new members!! bouncebounce bounce Very Happy Very Happy

Ron & Liz

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Poker Run - Thanks To Members

Post by Henry Rokx on Sun Feb 24 2013, 20:19

I wish to thank all the members that came along on the poker run today.
Nearly 50 people all up. Everyone had a good feed and a good ride.

Also thanks again to Rex and Pam for a wonderful effort with the food
and for providing the BBQ trailer. What a great idea and a wonderful asset.

Thanks also to Ron for leading the ride on my behalf.

The Poker prize money was won by the following:
1st / $105 - New member Peter Ross with a score of 48
2nd / $60 - 4 members tied on a score of 42 and eventual winner after a "throw off" - Henry Rokx
3rd / $30 - Mark Taylor with a score of 41
Last / $20 - New member Mick with a score of 24
Congratulations to the winners.

On another note, the BBQ kitty was a little light, so if anyone forgot to put their $5 in the box,
could you please pass it on the Pam or Rex on Thursday night at CPCC.

See you all on Thursday

Henry Rokx

Henry Rokx

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Re: Poker Run - Thanks To Members

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