A brief update on Andrew (Ol' Smokey)

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A brief update on Andrew (Ol' Smokey) Empty A brief update on Andrew (Ol' Smokey)

Post by crofty48 on Mon May 14 2018, 09:42

I spoke with Andrew this morning, he had his hip replaced last Monday, and this morning was the first time I had been able to contact him.
He is now in 'rehab' at Angliss Hospital, and he assured me he had a "team of professionals" harassing him, having just got out of the shower and being readied for therapy, we had a brief chat and after asking me to bring him a Pizza,(which he is not allowed to have) I let him get on with his morning routine.
Andrew is at Angliss Hospital, Room 15,1 North. his mobile No. is 0419538075, give him a call if you have time, it will surely cheer him up to hear from any member to break the monotony of hospital boredom.
Regards Mick.


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