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Wefare Update

Post by crofty48 on Thu Jan 25 2018, 15:00

On behalf of Yarra Ranges members, yesterday(24th Jan) in leiu of a wreath at Moose' funeral, I felt it more fitting to take a nice bunch of flowers to Lorna, and to let her know we all were thinking of her at this no doubt sad time!
At that time, she was making a start on clearing out the garage, and seemed to be coping reasonably well, we had a chat for 1/2 an hour or so, and Lorna explained the timeline to Moose' ultimate passing, 'though never having been a drinker, he had cirrhosis of the liver, and ultimately suffered renal failure, as a transplant was not considered do-able, he was kept as comfortable as possible to the end.
Should anyone wish to contact Lorna, her number is 9726 9844.

I visited Phil Snelling at Vic Rehab this morning, and whilst he was currently in a good frame of mind, he has had the "hospital blues", not sick enough to be bedridden, yet not well enough to go home, another sore point was getting his home modified to the point of him being able to cope if he had to be there without any other help, an issue I believe was to be discussed later today with TAC and doctors etc.
Other than those few 'gripes' we had a good chat, and with any luck he may be able to come home soon. Phil's mob 0427499996, should anyone wish to call him.

I also called in on Nigel today, and his eyes lit up to see me carrying a cappuchino for him!
He also is tired of hospital life, but remains accutely aware that at the moment, he couldn't possibly cope at home.
Nigel told me he was having a ramp made to facilitate entry to his home, and has already worked out the hire of an electric wheelchair for his return home, again, he knows he can't expect , nor does he want to go home any earlier than his doctors deem him fit enough!
Nigel's mob 0423269448. He says the hospital tea and coffee are dreadful, has his own teabags, so if you visit and can't take him a coffee, get him a glass of hot water and he can make his own tea.

Regards Mick.


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