Last Brunch for 2017

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Last Brunch for 2017

Post by crofty48 on Sun Dec 24 2017, 21:15

Our last Brunch for 2017 was quite well attended with plenty of motorbikes in the car park, Nigel scooped up the last $100 dollar draw for the year, lots of camaraderie, and good tidings among our members, Stewie' attended to the last of the announcements for the year, and Amanda and staff were presented with our offerings of thanks for there ongoing efforts to ensure that breakfasts and coffees and assorted accoutrements were dutifully distributed throughout the cafe and car park as necessary!
Brunch reopens 10th January, 'Brekky at Bernies' was noted on the agenda for January 6th, and a brief announcement of funeral arrangements for Moose' on Jan 12th, time of service will be posted as soon as it comes to hand, Don Middleton was in attendance, and welcomed back by many, in closing, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, safe riding and hopefully see you all in the New Year at Bernie and Anne's, cheers.
Regards Mick.


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