2017 Twin Spurs - Final Wrap Up

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Re: 2017 Twin Spurs - Final Wrap Up

Post by ol smokey on Sat Dec 02 2017, 15:10

Please note I have posted some drone pics in the pictures section. Enjoy.

If you want some video footage, bring a USB stick along to the next meeting & I'll copy some files across for you. It's all 1080 mov format & you'll need about 9Gigs free space.
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2017 Twin Spurs - Final Wrap Up

Post by Scoresby Chris on Sun Nov 26 2017, 16:44

Twin Spurs 2017 – The Final Wrap Up.

Firstly, from a Branch perspective, I would like to thank those who attended the 2017 Yarra Ranges Twin Spurs event. It was also great to see healthy representation from Shearwaters, Griffith, South Gippsland, Geelong and The Grampians.

The Rides:

From all accounts, the rides were really good with some new roads thrown into the mix. I have been informed that most of the roads were in very good condition. It was great to hear that there were only a small number of unplanned U-Turns performed and both Saturday rides reported that the Tail End Charlie was the last to arrive at the designated stops….It is pleasing to report that there were no incidents or break downs.

The Horse Racing ! 

Once again, Henry`s horse racing “meet” drew a strong crowd who bet strongly on their preferred nags. Thankfully, there were no horses “put down” as a result of the racing although quite a few horses were threatened to be put down if they didn’t perform – With Placid working the books,  many dollars changed hands through the course of the afternoon. 

The Quiz Night

This year, Quiz Master Snake and his unattractive side kick Mr Ouzo were called upon to entertain the masses on Friday evening. From all accounts, it was a lively couple of hours where according to some there were sheep stations at stake. I am being informed that there are bigger and better plans for the Quiz in 2018. Well done team.

The Dinner

This is one of our premium functions for the year and it was well attended by some 90 starters. As mentioned earlier, we had great representation from a number of other Vic / NSW Branches. We also had an international flair this year with Henry`s guests attending. It was a great night with good food / great venue / great prizes and surrounded by great Ulyssians. Once the formalities were completed, Mr Tandy Senior worked on the tunes resulting in some movement on the dance floor. Overall, it was a successful night.         

From a Presidents perspective, these events don’t just happen. Planning for these events start 12 months in advance. There are many people that work tirelessly to make an event of this size  happen. Thankfully, we have many hard working people that have contributed in some form or another. Some of the major players behind this successful event are:

-          Members of the 2017 Committee that have spent many hours planning this event and pulling it together.  In particular, A big thankyou to Liz, Denise & Ron who go above beyond to make sure things run smoothly year after year.

-          One of the great things about the Twin Spurs weekend is the casual BBQ`s and the catering of the masses – I would like to thank the BBQ boys for their tireless work over the hotplate. Also, I would like to acknowledge the hard work behind the scenes by Pam, Kevin & Henry in the food purchasing, preparation and transportation. A big thankyou & well done team!

-          And finally - Thankyou to the Ride Leaders / TEC`s / Quiz Masters / DJ`s / Prize coordinator / Ticket sellers / Hall Helpers / dish washers  – Your efforts have made the 2017 Twin Spurs Rally a huge success.

Chris Collins

President – Yara Ranges Branch

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