And another one! Puncture that is ...

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Re: And another one! Puncture that is ...

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 06 2013, 22:30

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And another one! Puncture that is ...

Post by toneli on Wed Feb 06 2013, 21:46

Just last Sunday I came home from work ... yes, that's correct unfortunately ... at about 4.00 pm. Jacked the rear of the bike up to oil the chain, and their staring at me was this silver metallic glint coming from the surface of the tyre. Yep! The tyre had recently been nailed! And these Michelin Road Pilot 3 tyres ain't cheap.

The last rear tyre - Michelin Road Pilot 2 - was discarded by the puncture repair man when two nails were within one third the rolling surface of the tyre - more than half the tread life was tossed. Hence one of the reasons for me acquiring the puncture repair kit spoken of in previous posts.

But back to the present ... so after greasing the chain I removed the offending nail/panel pin and plugged the tyre with a Dynaplug. Then came the task of re-inflating said tyre. No compressor yet, so out came the old, and at one time very trusty Rega Ded Ezi pump. Thankfully, it's the first time it's really been used on a non hpv vehicle in all the time I've had it - since around 1974!

So far so good, the tyre is still inflated. Minimum effort, didn't take too long, but I still reckon the easiest way to fix a puncture is to have someone else do it.

So I will just have to come along and check out Andy Strappz air compressor offerings in March.

BTW current rear tyre has done over 10,000 km including my recent attempt at the Saddle Sore ride, and still has plenty of tread depth left in it.

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