Update on Welfare

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Update on Welfare

Post by crofty48 on Sun Oct 01 2017, 11:59

I spoke with Marcus (MOOSE) Haeusler this morning and he assures me he is on the mend! Apparently, medication, or the lack thereof was responsible for his hospitalisation and hopefully the doctors now have the balance correct, feeling much better and looking forward to getting back on his bike among other pursuits.

I spoke too with Snake, also returning to health, no motorcycling yet though, but definitely feeling better, and who should also be on board with Snake and Amanda,(conveniently saves a call) returning from a visit to Steve Dolling, but Sue westfield also well on the road to wresting the cooking and cleaning chores back from Stewie! No doubt he will hand them over gratefully?

Great state of affairs when all your news is positive!

Regards Mick.


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